8 Things You Need for College Applications


Before you sit down to start your college application, make sure that you have everything you need. You’ll get less frustrated along the way and even save a lot of time. Here are 8 things you should have in front of you before starting your application:

  1. Transcripts — Have a copy of all the grades you’ve received in high school.
  2. Test scores — This includes the SAT, ACT, and all AP test scores.
  3. High school info — The name, address, and school code are what you’ll need.
  4. Parents’ info — This includes full names, occupations, education, etc…
  5. Extracurricular — List all your activities and awards received in high school.
  6. Relative info — List your relatives who attended the schools you’re applying to.
  7. Location — List all the places you’ve lived since birth.
  8. SSN — Have your social security number handy.

College applications ask for a lot of information, but these are some of the most important pieces of information that you’ll need. Have it all organized before you start your application and you may save yourself a headache or two.

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