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Bumsoo Kim

2c3e74bBumsoo is the co-founder & CEO of Brightstorm. As a father of four children – and with two in college – he has experienced study-related difficulties faced by many parents and students. These experiences fed Bumsoo’s passion to create a better way for students to learn.

Bumsoo grew up in South Korea, where college entrance is so competitive that he had to study for 15-16 hours a day. This may sound intense, but Bumsoo recalls that there were many books available to buy that helped with his homework and exam prep. When his first two children entered U.S. middle school, Bumsoo was disappointed to discover limited study resources available beyond textbooks. Believing everyone deserves better and plentiful self-study options, he founded Brightstorm to share effective, fun videos and other innovative study tools.

On this blog, Bumsoo will share his thoughts on education, share free study video tops, what he wants to do differently with Brightstorm and much more. Bumsoo will continue to work hard to continue and elevate Brightstorm’s mission: to improve the way YOU – the student – learns.