How to improver your ACT score

How to Improve Your ACT Score on Test Day (Part 1)

How to improver your ACT score

The quickest and easiest ways to improve your ACT score are to increase your heart rate right before taking the test and making sure you properly fueled your brain beforehand. These two strategies might sound a little strange, but they definitely work!

Increase heart rate

Increasing your heart rate boosts blood flow to the brain which helps you concentrate better. In fact, research has shown that exercising for 10-20 minutes before taking a test can increase your ACT score up to 15%. Best of all, the physical activity doesn’t have to be grueling. Here are three great ways to increase your heart rate before taking the ACT.

  • Get dropped off a few blocks from the test center
  • Run up and down the stairs of the test center
  • Do jumping jacks in the hallway or bathroom

Whichever exercise you choose, make sure you keep it under 20 minutes. You don’t want to exhaust yourself before the test.

Fuel your brain

Your brain is running a marathon when taking the ACT. In order to cross the finish line, you need to give your brain the nutrients it needs. This includes before taking the test (breakfast) and during the break. Here are three different categories of food you should incorporate into your diet before taking the ACT.

  • Proteins—Chicken breast, lean meat, eggs, and soy products will give you all the proteins you need.
  • Fatty Acids—Omega-3 fatty acids are what you’re looking for and you’ll find them in salmon, sardines, and tuna.
  • Complex Carbohydrates—Whole grain cereal, wheat bran, and whole wheat pasta are all great sources of complex carbohydrates.

Stay away from candy, energy drinks, and other food with lots of sugar that will make your energy crash halfway through the test.

These are the two quickest and easiest ways of improving your SAT score on test day. For more tips on what to do before the test, read part 2 of this series and check out Brightstorm ACT.

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