How to improve your ACT score

How to Improve Your ACT Score on Test Day (Part 2)

How to improve your ACT score

The best ways to boost your confidence and score your highest on the ACT are to control your anxiety and have a strategy for answering questions quickly. Both of these are really easy to do and will make a huge positive difference on your ACT score.

Control ACT stress

Stress can make you second-guess and sometimes even forget things you already know. It’s the most counter-productive feeling in the world and you have to take control of it before it takes control of you. Here are two easy and effective ways of getting rid of your stress before the ACT.

Write your ACT fears on paper.  Writing your fears on paper is therapeutic because you get to be completely honest with yourself. The real magic, however, is what you do with the paper. Take it with you on test day and when you walk into the test room, tear it shreds and throw it in the trash. You’ll be surprised how it makes all your fears disappear into thin air.

Unload your ACT stress on pets. Unlike talking to friends and family, pets are great for relieving stress because they listen without interrupting. It doesn’t matter if you have a dog, cat, or even a goldfish, tell them everything you’re worried about and don’t hold back. They’ll feel happy about the attention and you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders! Don’t have pets? Stuffed animals work, too.

Answer in batches

Answering in batches is another great way to boost your confidence for the ACT. Different parts of the brain are responsible for solving problems and bubbling answers. It’s faster and easier to focus on doing one thing instead of constantly switching back and forth. Try answering one page of questions in your booklet then transferring all correct answers to the answer sheet.

These are the three best techniques for boosting your confidence and scoring your highest on the ACT. For more ways to prepare before taking the test, read part 3 of this series and check out Brightstorm ACT.

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