How to improve your ACT score

How to Improve Your ACT Score on Test Day (Part 4)

How to improve your ACT score

The secret to improving your ACT math score is choosing a strategy that works for you. There are different ways to answer math questions depending on your skill level. But first, let’s look at a cool trick for solving tough math problems with diagrams.

Diagrams drawn to scale

Don’t believe the test booklet. Diagrams are drawn to scale! If you’re working on a problem with a diagram and you don’t know how to solve it, make an educated guess using the diagram drawings.

How to improve your ACT score

If you forget how to use the Pythagorean theorem, just look at the diagram. The hypotenuse can’t be 3x the size of the small side (5). That would make it 15 which is too long. Also, it can’t be 2x the small side. That would make it 10 which is too short. The only logical choice left is B which is the correct answer!

Work backwards

If you’re a strong math student, working backwards on ACT math questions is advantageous for two reasons.

1) Your brain has a stronger ability to think critically at the beginning of each section. The more questions you answer, the more tired your brain gets. Solving difficult problems with a fresh mind will help you find the answer faster.

2) When time starts running out, students often panic which makes it tougher to answer difficult questions. If you start backwards, the questions will get easier and you’ll be less stressed out about solving the problem.

Be careful, this strategy isn’t for everyone. Only strong math students should consider this approach. If you decide to use this strategy, make sure you practice using it a few times before the test.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind to get your highest score possible on ACT math. For more ways to improve your score before the test, read our other posts in this series and check out Brightstorm ACT Math.

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