How to make your college application stand out

How to Make Your College Application Stand Out (Part 3)

How to make your college application stand out

Successful college applications have identities. They have common themes that are visible throughout every part of the application. It’s not enough to simply answer all the questions, you have to express your interests and personality wherever possible. Here are three ways to give your applications a clear identity.

Liberal arts

If you want to be an English major, for example, not only do you have to avoid spelling errors on your application like everyone else, but you also need to reflect strong writing skills in all your answers. Furthermore, you need to write a powerful essay that keeps readers engaged.


If you want to major in engineering or computer science, make sure you’ve taken all the necessary math and science courses. Also, your essay should reinforce your passion for the field and what you hope to achieve with your degree.


Lots of students like to mention that they’re hard workers who are dedicated to learning. However, it doesn’t mean much unless you have the experience to show for it. If your angle is being an overachiever, make sure you have lots of leadership experience and extracurricular activities to show for it.

These are just examples for how to structure your college application. Every application should be unique and play to your strengths. But most importantly, create a theme that runs through the entire application, including the essay!

Our final post in this series covers the last key ingredients you need to make your college application stand out. You can also check out Brightstorm College Advice for more topics by our admissions expert.

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