How to make your college application stand out

How to Make Your College Application Stand Out (Part 4)

How to make your college application stand out

The last thing you want on your college application is a spelling error, or even worse, an unanswered question! The best way to avoid big mistakes is to print and review your application before submitting it. Here are three steps you should take.

Print application

Before you submit your college application, there’s usually an option to print it out first. All applications on the web have this feature, some just have it in different places than others. Find this option and print out the entire application, but be careful not to submit it just yet.

Read out loud

The best way to check for errors in your college application is to read the whole thing out loud. Relax, it’s not as bad as you think. It might have taken you a while to fill out your application, but it will only take you a fraction of the time to read it all. Plus, you wouldn’t want silly spelling errors on it, would you?

Peer review

The final measure in making sure there are absolutely no mistakes on your college application is to ask one of your parents or friends to review it for you. Since they don’t have the same kind of investment or attachment to it, it’ll be easier for them to point out parts that don’t make sense.

Follow all the strategies in this series and you’ll have a much better chance of making your college application stand out. If you haven’t already done so, go back and read the other posts in this series. Also, be sure to check out Brightstorm College Advice for more topics by our admissions expert.

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