How to write your best college essay

How to Write Your Best College Essay (Part 6)

How to write your best college essay

Think of your college essay as a puzzle. Every word, sentence, and paragraph is a piece of the puzzle. If you put the puzzle pieces together correctly, your reader will see the big picture and understand what makes you special.

Puzzle vs Picture

Each part of the puzzle doesn’t have to reflect the big picture. But when you add them all up, make sure they convey something meaningful. For example, your essay might talk about your experiences playing baseball, but the big picture is what you learned about leadership.

Solve the Puzzle

Your conclusion is where you show how all the puzzle pieces fit together. Be careful not to restate what you’ve already said. Instead, find a creative way to show how all the puzzle pieces illustrate the big picture. You reader will be impressed when the image becomes clear.

For more tips on how to write your best college essay, read part 7 of this series and check out Brightstorm College Advice.

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