How to write your best college essay

How to Write Your Best College Essay (Part 7)

How to write your best college essay

No matter how you decide to approach your college essay, the most important thing that you should never forget is to answer the question in the essay prompt. Most colleges will ask you to write about specific topics when writing your personal statement and failing to do so may hurt your chances of getting accepted.

Test the essay

You should always have the essay prompt at the front of your mind while writing your essay. Nevertheless, when you’re done writing your essay, you should ask yourself “did I properly address the essay prompt?” Another good method is to ask someone else to read your essay and see if they can guess what the writing prompt was.

Revise the essay

It may be painful, maybe even unbearable, but if you didn’t properly address the essay prompt, you’ll need to go back and revise your personal statement until you do. Even if you believe that you’ve written the best essay ever, a great essay that fails to address the prompt is worse than a good essay that answers the question.

Don’t let your perfectly good essay go to waste because you failed to answer the essay prompt! For more information on how to write your best college essay, read the rest of this 7-part series and check out Brightstorm College Advice.

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