Teacher Helping College Student With Studies In Library

The Importance Behind Letter of Recommendation (Part 2)

Teacher Helping College Student With Studies In Library

Who to ask for letters of recommendation

Deciding who to ask to write your letter of recommendation can be a tough decision. After investing so much time and energy into your college application, you want to make sure that whoever you ask to write you a recommendation will help make your application stronger, not weaker.

Equally difficult is deciding among all the teachers that you’ve had in high school. There are the teachers that you really get along well with and there are the teachers of important subjects that you’re thinking about majoring in. Sometime they’re the same, but sometimes they’re not. So how do you choose?

For starters, you definitely want to choose a teacher who knows you well. Otherwise, they won’t be able to provide meaningful insights into who you are which is the core purpose of a recommendation.

Secondly, you should aim towards asking an 11th or 12th grade teacher since those classes usually require more academic rigor and your performance as a student is still fresh in their minds.

If you’re applying as a STEM major, you should really get at least one letter of recommendation from a math or science teacher and then one from a humanities or social science teacher. It’ll show that you’re a well-balanced student.

You don’t always have to choose teachers for classes where you got the highest grades. Usually, it’s more important to choose teachers who know you well and will speak highly of all your achievements. Doing so will surely result in a great letter of recommendation.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get your teachers to write the best letters of recommendation, read part 3 of this series and check out Brightstorm College Counseling.

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