Positive about their careers

The Importance Behind Letters of Recommendation (Part 1)

Positive about their careers

Meaningful Letters of Recommendation

Colleges are looking for students who not only perform well academically, but are also unique in their personalities and extracurricular activities. Your personal statement is often the best way to show admissions officers what characteristics set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

However, students often complain that the word limits for personal statements prevent them from fully expressing who they are. What students don’t always realize, however, is that there is another way to make admissions officers aware of your special qualities and, best of all, you don’t have to write a word. How? With letters of recommendation!

Letters of recommendation are the perfect way to inform colleges of your special traits apart from your personal statement. Here are a few ways letters of recommendation can strengthen your college applications:

Give admissions officers a different perspective of who you are

Show strengths in areas not visible elsewhere on your application

Show your passions and interests from a different point of view

Overall, your letter of recommendation should complement your application. It shouldn’t repeat what’s already demonstrated on your application, it should add to it with new and insightful information. Ideally, it should talk about your personality as well as your academic achievements. Cover all these bases and you’ll have a well-rounded application that’s sure to stand out.

If you’re interested in learning who you should ask for recommendations or how to help your recommenders write phenomenal letters, read part 2 of this series and check out Brightstorm College Counseling.

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