Which Major Should I Choose?


When it comes to deciding which major to choose when applying to colleges, there are two major questions that you should ask yourself:

What am I good at?

The answer to the first question should be reflected in your grades. If you believe that you’re good at math, then hopefully you’ve received good math grades throughout high school. If not, you may want to rethink choosing any math-related major when applying to colleges.

What can I see myself doing?

Once you figure out what you’re good at, you can start thinking about all the different jobs and careers that require those skills. When you narrow down your list to a handful of jobs you can see yourself doing, choose a major that will prepare you for that position.

Whatever you do, don’t stress out about choosing a major. Most universities will let you switch majors within your first two years. If you really can’t decide, it’s always okay to select “undecided” as your major. You can use your first year or two at college to make a better decision.

However, if you do choose a major, make sure that it makes sense with the rest of your application. Don’t choose an easy major just to get in to your college of choice and don’t choose a major that doesn’t match your grades in high school.

Keep in mind that each university is unique and some colleges have impacted majors. Do your research before applying to make the best decision possible. For more information about applying to college, visit Brightstorm College Counseling.

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